Developer Conference Yangon 2014

Engage, Embrace, Enjoy, Excite

  November 15th &  16th

Developer Conference Yangon 2014

   November 15th & 16th, 2014

   9 : 00 AM to 5 : 00 PM

    MICT Park, Hlaing Campus
       Yangon, Myanmar.

This year 2014 is the 4th Anniversary of Developers Conference held in Yangon. In order to welcome, honor and celebrate the 4th Anniversary of DevCon, 4 words were employed as this year Theme which encompassed the enthusiasm, emotion, eternity and excitement of common habits of information communication technology developers, aslo known as eDevelopers.

Engage, Embrace, Enjoy, Excite

It is dedicated to those who are engaging, embracing, enjoying, exciting in the arena of ubiquitous and state-of-the-art information communication technology.

Timeline & Registration

  •   25th  August        :  Call for Presentations
  •     1st   October       :  Dead Line for submission of presentation & speakers Profile
  •   20th October       :  Presentation & Speakers update announcement
  •    5th  November   :  Schedule announcement
  •   15th November   :  Developer Conference Date


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