2019 Developer Conference (DevCon-Yangon 2019)
December 21st – 22nd, 2019

The 2019 Developer Conference Working Group (DevCon-WG) invites all interested parties to submit proposals for the DevCon 2019-Yangon conference sessions. The presenting speaker must be a Software-industry Exposed Person (SEP), meaning any individual with substantial software related experiences. The topic delivered should aim to have noteworthy impact on the audiences.

In general, the DevCon-WG would like to see the content of the presentation to be under the following areas:

  • Upcoming Trends (Data Science, Blockchain, Quantum Computing, IoT, AI, AR, VR)
  • Current Technologies (Cloud, Virtualization, Docker, XaaS, Apps, Bots)
  • Experience/ Case Studies
  • Security
  • Software development and languages
  • Business side of software
  • UI/UX
  • Others software related topics

Key Date:

Date Deadline for
10/11/2019 Presentation Proposal Form (Title and Abstract Only)
20/11/2019 Acceptance Notification
24/11/2019 Speaker Bio + Profile Picture
9/12/2019 Presentation Material Submission
21/12/2019 DevCon-Yangon 2019 Opening

MCPA Developer Conference 2019

Proposal Types

Two types of proposals are expected from our developer communities.

Proposal to present
Any SEP (Software Exposed Person) can request to be speaker in DevCon-Yangon 2019. Please fill up the Presentation Proposal Form and submit to the working group.
Proposal to present (Lightning Talk)
If you intend to do a lightning talk (time limit 10 minutes) at the conference please fill up the Presentation Proposal Form, check the 'Lightning Talk' box, and submit to the working group.
Review and selection Process

DevCon 2019-Working Group will categorize and select a list of topics and presentations. The DevCon-WG reserved the right for final decision on the selections. The selected presentation list (title and presenter) will be published by October 27th. The selected presenters must prepare and submit the full presentation no later than November 5th.

Speaker Deck / Presentation Slides

Slides can be submitted in any of the following digital format: PowerPoint, Keynote, Impress, PDF, or HTML5. The conference organizers will provide a projector with VGA input only. Speakers may incorporate optional demonstrations, tools, images, and motion pictures for their sessions. These should be well tested in advance to save time for both organizers and the audience. Please be reminded that it is the speaker’s responsibility to bring a computer for their presentations.

Total time allocation for each session is 50 minutes, of which 30-40 minutes time allocation for presentation, and additional 10-20 minutes for questions and answers.

Lightning Talks

There will be 5 to 6 lightning talk sections arranged for an hour period in each of the conference room in each conference day. The time limit is set at 8 minutes. The format is free talk, but speaker may choose to put up pre-submitted materials on the projector. The aim is to be short but effective knowledge sharing. Q & A sessions may follow after the talks are over if time permits.

Submission Process

Requests for speaker/topic and presentation proposals (see appendix) could be submitted via e-mail, or fax.Forms can also be downloaded from here. Speakers must submit a 150 word speaker bio together with a profile picture.

Call for Proposal 2019

Send completed proposal via email or fax to The Developer Conference Working Group, MCPA Office

Email: office@mcpamyanmar.org

Address: Building(9), Ground Floor, MICT Park, Hlaing University Campus, Yangon, Myanmar

Phone: (95)-1- 652276 Fax: (95)-1- 652276

Proposal Deadline: October 17th, 2019